Facts and figures

We've collected some facts and figures about the UK camping and caravan market below. For information about Pitchup.com, visit our about us page and our press releases page. Or see our guide to how to set up a campsite or caravan park.

The UK market

The European market

Holidays abroad by UK residents
By trips (in '000s) or By spend (in £'000s)


The 'staycation'...

A permanent shift? 

Other trends

90% of
stayca/oners expect to take at least one England break in 2010 – the 2009 experience has improved
opinions of holidaying at home for many, and le them keen to discover more, though this may mean
taking shorter breaks rather than a longer holiday.
The con/nued impact of the recessionmeans that some will have to take domes/c breaks again in 2010 for
financial reasons, but there are signs that a more permanent shi in a1tudes is star/ng to happen, with
almost half the popula/on (and 70% of stayca/oners) expec/ng that beyond 2010 they will take more
holidays in the UK than they have in the past.

Greater willingness to book online

Celebrities and quirky camping